Approaching Concept for Teens

Conveying ideas through art and design comes very naturally to some young artists and with more difficulty for others.  When I first started getting serious about painting at age 16 or 17, the thought of being conceptual with my artwork was daunting.  At that time, I was mostly using oil paint to create images of … Continue reading Approaching Concept for Teens

Careers in the Arts

We're holding a really exciting workshop this spring: Careers in the Arts and the response has been enthusiastic from both students and parents alike. This workshop introduces you to a variety of professions where having a degree in the arts is essential. I always start out by asking everyone to look around them. Where ever … Continue reading Careers in the Arts

Thoughts on Observational Drawing

Thoughts on Observational Drawing Part 1: Really Start Looking In the 1400s the world was changed by a profound new understanding of how to represent three-dimensional space on a flat surface.   Before this time, artists used methods other than perspective to depict space in their work.  Through centuries of practice these new abilities let loose … Continue reading Thoughts on Observational Drawing

10 Great Art Blogs to Follow

Following blogs is great to get new ideas, inspiration, information and just to dream.  Here are some of the blogs that we follow, some come as a feed to our inbox, others you have to go and read, either way they're worth the time.   Beautiful Decay highlights edgy new artists and designers from around … Continue reading 10 Great Art Blogs to Follow

Inspiring Art

This summer I had the great fortune to be in London for the Georgia O'Keeffe show at the Tate Modern. I've always loved O'Keeffe's use of color and organic lines in both her natural abstractions and cityscapes. One painting that caught my attention was "From the River – Pale" from 1959, painted from her memories … Continue reading Inspiring Art

Getting Prepared for Portfolio Day- A View from Across the Table

One of the most energizing and inspirational events I engaged in during my art school admissions career was to travel around the country attending numerous National Portfolio Days. There, I reviewed prospective students’ artwork.  Over the years I met hundreds of students, providing them feedback on their portfolios to strengthen how they represented their visual concepts and, therefore, strengthening their chances at admission to their choice schools.

Art Where You Least Expect It: Prague, Czech Republic

My travels this summer brought me to Prague for less than 24 hours. Since it wasn't planned I hadn't done any research, which is sometimes the best way to travel. There was a huge wall across the street from my last minute AirBnB apartment so after getting my morning coffee I had to check what was behind the wall.

Art Where You Least Expect It: Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

My son is a slalom kayaker and it brings him, and us, to places we might not go otherwise. We just returned from a trip to Europe and in our travels we came across art and galleries I never would have expected to find leading me to think of starting a blog series

5 Essential Tools In My Art Studio

Every artist has a few materials that become part of the everyday creating process in the studio. As a painter and mixed media artist that primarily works on paper I have selected 5 useful materials that I can't live without.

Summer: One To Remember

Check out the High School Visual Arts Programs at Interlochen Center for the Arts. The pristine lakes and virgin forest set the stage for a life changing experience where creative young people can join a dedicated body of their peers in exploring the visual arts.  Having spent my junior and senior years of high school at Interlochen Arts Academy...

Some Amazing Environment Photographers on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to share your work with the world. Take a look at the users profiled in this article. While looking through their feeds it's easy to see how they have built a coherent body of work through the creating and editing process. The same rules apply to creating a body of work for your portfolio.

Tracking Banksy: Notorious UK Graffiti Artist

Notorious street artist, Banksy could be identified by authorities soon. Could employing techniques used to track violent criminals by mapping their crimes be useful in identifying one of Britains most infamous vandals?