Why Artriculate

Who you are

You are your best self when performing onstage, building a theatrical set, conveying your story through film, or drawing a work of art that expresses what you might not be able to put into words. You dream of spending your future creating art, but the process of choosing the right school or program and navigating the admissions process alone is overwhelming. We know the next steps you should take and we will help you take them.


Who we are

ARTriculate is an energetic, committed college advisory service that exclusively focuses on applicants in the visual arts, performing arts and film. The process of identifying and applying to schools for the arts is very different than it is for most liberal arts or STEM programs. Very few college counselors have a great deal of experience with this unique and challenging endeavor. Most students and parents don’t have the time to learn this complex process and make admissions their full time job. We make it ours, so you don’t have to.


We only want to work with artists

We are looking for the talented and dedicated young artists who want to pursue their creative passions – we want to work just with you – not with the majority of students applying to colleges. 


You are an individual – we’ll find the college that’s right for you

We know that you come to us with your own life experiences and individual academic and artistic interests. We believe what makes you different makes you great. ARTriculate provides the tools and guidance to select colleges that suit your academic and lifestyle interests. We then work with you to develop a strong portfolio and/or audition repertoire, coherent and persuasive essays, interview strategies, and an overall application package that will make you stand out amongst the crowd.


We help make your dreams a financial reality

Helping you prepare a stellar application is just one component of the application process. ARTriculate helps you find, apply for, and win competitive scholarships, money you and many others may not know is available. 


We will be there every step of the way

We can help you evaluate your choices and determine which offer to accept and will offer helpful tips to get the most out of your college experience.


Now that you know what makes us different, it’s time for you to partner with us so we can help you show admissions committees all the wonderful things that make you STAND OUT.