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Initial Assessment for VISUAL and PERFORMING arts students: Free of Charge

This is a free of charge initial meeting between the student, a parent/guardian and one of our consultants that gives us a full understanding of the student’s interests, goals, and needs.  It also allows the family to decide if our team is one that you can thrive working with. During the meeting students will receive a brief review of their artwork and discuss their academic history. For families that sign up for monthly services, our consultants then use what they’ve learned to serve as a baseline to begin a program tailored to each student and their timeline. After the Initial Assessment we will provide a short written professional evaluation of the steps and timeline needed for the student to reach their expressed goals. Contact us to sign up for your FREE initial assessment today.

Customized Monthly Consulting: $400/month **Special Summer Package: $1,000 for three months**

Our flagship service for students who want to study art and design, this provides serious art students with support at all points in the application process. Students meet monthly with a consultant and have unlimited access to receive feedback on everything from a work in progress to questions about their college applications and final portfolio submission. Our consultants send frequent emails for inspiration and encouragement to students as well as give information about artists and exhibits which will enhance their artistic fluency.  Includes personal emails reminding students of deadlines and to follow up with them to be sure they are on the path to meeting their goals and deadlines each month.

  • One 90-minute In Person Meeting per Month (to set goals with an timeline to achieving them)
  • Unlimited communications (text, email, skype, phone)
  • Support in College Preparation/Search
  • Education in the use of social media to enhance a student's online presence for colleges' review
  • Organized College Application Schedule
  • Support with College Essay and/or Artist Statement

All Services are customized and personal to each applicant but in general the services for Visual and Performing artists are listed below. Most popular services include: 


  • Advanced Portfolio Development
  • Conceptual Development
  • Preparation for National Portfolio Day
  • Elevated Ability to Discuss Art
  • Support in College Preparation/Search
  • Education in the use of social media to enhance a student's online presence for colleges' review
  • Organized College Application Schedule
  • Support with College Essay and/or Artist Statement
  • Not Included: Additional in person meetings and portfolio documentation/photography


  • Finding Best-Fit Schools (Liberal Arts Program vs Conservatory)
  • Portfolio Prep (Monologues, Songs, etc.)
  • Artistic Statement/Essays
  • Audition Recordings/Media
  • Interview & Audition Coaching
  • Music/Voice Lessons
  • Finding Scholarships & Related Opportunities
  • Working towards Talent Agent representation
  • Not Included: Additional in person meetings to create audition recordings

Accelerated Application Package (for those applying within 9 months, assuming a February application submission date): $5,000

This accelerated service is especially designed for students who are late to the game of applying to study art and design or have not received the resources and support needed to submit their best application. This intense program provides all of the services included in our Customized Monthly Consulting but condenses the work of 12-24 months into 9 months or less.  This package is for serious applicants interested in applying for a BFA.  The components of this package are the same as those for the Customized Monthly Consulting, however due to the compressed time requirements, students in this package will have prioritized meeting times and two 90-minute In Person Meetings per Month. 

Visual Art Coaching/Tutoring: $100/hour

This is not college consulting, it is designed for the student who wants personal art tutoring outside of a typical “class” environment. It is for anyone, student to retiree, who wants to improve their visual art skills.  We work one on one with students of all ages to support artistic development in the medium and subjects of your choice. Areas of support include:

  • Drawing and Illustration
  • Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil Painting Technique
  • Observational/Life Drawing
  • Figure Drawing
  • Abstract Painting and Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Color and Composition
  • Sources of Inspiration
  • Conceptual Art


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